Bimmeronly, Inc

444 Mowry Ave, Fremont, CA

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Shan Dawson

"ONE OF THE BEST PLACE FOR BMW CAR'S and Easy & Convenient Location 👌. Plus well Qualify/Certified Technician's work's Make Any Customers Satisfied ! $.Dawson

Vic Garcia

Amazing services! The workers are very informative and always care about their customers I would recommend this place to anyone in the Bay Area to take your car here I have taken every BMW I’ve own here. Thanks guys! Also love there merch Reply 1

STZYPICS Photo & Video

I’ve been taking my cars to these guys sinxe 2013. Even when I moved to Gilroy, there’s nowhere there or in between I’d rather take my cars too. They kept my daily’s running optimally but also had an extensive knowledge in the realm of performance for my fun cars.

Ruthvik Gurudev

Best service center for BMW.I have been a regular customer here as they will treat you like a friend right when you enter the service center and explain what is the root cause of the issue end to end and what has been done to replace it.Nemo and Christian are the ones to reach out for. Very good rates and amazing customer service

Joshua Sher

BMW shop that loves bmws! Nice clean waiting area and bathrooms also.

manny donuts

If you have a BMW -- BRING IT HERE!! I was recommended here and Bimmeronly not only met, but EXCEEDED my expectations. Literally came here (after being screwed at a different place) and one of the mechanics, as I pulled up, greeted me right away, and asked me to wait a moment. When he came up, I pointed at my dash, he popped my hood, and within 2 minutes, he saw the issue (from the previous place) and knew what the fix was immediately. This was done in about 15-20 mins. Everyone's experiences may differ, but Bimmeronly made me feel as if I came to a friend's/family member's garage. They also diagnosed my car and kept me updated with some error codes that popped up -- Not severe -- and also made recommendations to help and maintain my engines overall life and performance. Cannot be more content with my first experience here, looking forward to more!

Barun Gill

Best place for any BMW ISSUES. If you got any issues with your BMW vehicle come here. I visited here after a referral by a friend and they took amazing care of me. From the moment you enter they treat you genuinely like a friend and not try to overcharge like dealerships. They will show you exactly what's wrong and even recommend the best way to move forward. Amazing rates. They have in me a customer for life. Reply

Sibrina Subedar

Super fast diagnosis, quickly replaced the radiator. Very friendly and patient as we asked many many questions. They use original BMW parts so the service is not cheap but it's a lot cheaper than the dealership. They also provide a guarantee for a year or 12k miles. They specialize in BMWs only!!

Maurice Bass

No better shop. All your Bimmer needs. A1. They will take care if you.

David Yao

A+. I had a brake light bulb that went out in my M3, and they replaced it quickly with no extra costs. Will definitely come back for future service.